What We Do

What We Do

INTERNATIONAL VICTORY COLLEGE PRISON BIBLE SCHOOLS :: Send Me International operates Bible school in all thirteen of Rwanda’s prisons.  To date, several thousand men and women have completed the first-year Bible School curriculum and a second-year program began in 2019.  Graduations are held on the prison grounds, traditional commencement cap and gown ceremonies with each graduate receiving a personalized diploma.

EDUCATION SUPPORT FOR CHILDREN :: Rwanda’s public school requirements of paid tuition, uniforms, shoes, books, and school supplies are beyond the reach of many families.  Send Me International identifies children who are eager to attend school, but cannot afford it, providing tuition and the other basics to assure these children can succeed in school. 

REFUGEE CAMP MINISTRY :: Rwanda has several refugee camps, sheltering tens of thousands who have fled civil unrest and violence in neighboring countries.  Small camp shelters for families have no electricity or running water.  Send Me International brings food, solar lights, and sports equipment, such as soccer and basketballs, to camp residents. 

MINISTRY TO THE DISADVANTAGED :: In remote villages scattered across the nation, many live with very limited resources.  Send Me International brings practical help in the form of food, clothing and solar lights. 

ELIM CHILDREN’S HOME :: Many in Africa have HIV/AIDS and children born to affected mothers are themselves afflicted.  The Elim Children’s Home cares for children whose mothers have  HIV or AIDS.  When the mothers are no longer able to provide full-time care for their children, Elim provides a stable living environment with food, shelter and schooling.  When possible, the mothers visit their children.  Send Me International partners with Elim to provide a portion of the children’s food and school costs, plus gifts for the children and their mothers at Christmas.

RADIO MINISTRY :: Send Me International hosts a weekly radio program that potentially reaches 3 million people.  Positive, uplifting messages are broadcast, with testimonies of God’s goodness and special guests from time to time.